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Are you prepared if OSHA or your insurance company visits today?

We can help you, by completing a full risk assessment of your facility or construction site. The risk assessments are based on an OSHA style format, and performed in a similar manner. When the risk assessment is completed, we present a full report, with a presentation of the findings, and corresponding pictures. This helps our clients, see their strengths and weaknesses in their safety program.

At E4, we understand that disruptions in your facility or at your construction site can be very expensive. Our risk assessment can assist you with avoiding disruptions caused by accidents and injuries. It will also show your employees, you are looking out for their safety, and they are important to you.



E4 Safety Services has been doing our Safety Audits and Trainings for the last 2 years.  The way they do the audit is great!  They have full reign of the plant when they are here and present a great presentation of their findings to us.  I love the power point presentation with pictures of their findings; it makes things much easier when I need to get things fixed.  They are always there when I need them for any questions or concerns I have.  


Shelley Ollier

Human Resources/Safety Coordinator

Mancor Ohio, Inc.

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